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Firm Profile:

Malone, Thompson, Summers & Ott L.L.C. limits its practice to representing management and insurance carriers in labor and employment matters. Our basic mission is to protect employers. We strive to provide the highest quality legal services in a practical fashion at reasonable fees. Our clients include large and small businesses, public and private sector organizations, and non-profit as well as for-profit entities. We represent a broad spectrum of employers that fall in virtually all sectors of the economy including manufacturing, health care, utilities, transportation, communications, insurance, real estate, financial services, advertising, retail, hospitality, housing, and government.

Our practice includes both counseling and litigation components. The ultimate goal of our counseling practice is to “prevent the formal conflict.” We offer careful advice, guidance, and strategies with regard to personnel actions, workplace policies, and legal compliance issues. We also provide practical training to employers and trade associations on a frequent basis. We take pride in being regarded as “the safety net” for our clients. The ultimate goal of our litigation practice is to "achieve the best possible outcome for our client." If it costs $50,000 for an employer to prove that the employer was “right” when the matter could have been resolved for $5,000, has the employer really won? Our attorneys are experienced litigators who utilize their knowledge to employ effective defense strategies and to exploit weaknesses and deficiencies in the opposition’s case. Early dismissals and low cost settlements are what our litigators strive to achieve.

The Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory has awarded our firm an AV rating. This is the highest rating awarded and is based on legal ability and adherence to ethical standards. The firm is also listed in Martindale-Hubbell’s The Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers.

Our clients’ problems are our problems. We thoroughly enjoy practicing labor and employment law. We are flattered every time an employer contacts us for any form of assistance. And we take great satisfaction in helping employers avoid obstacles, overcome problems, and focus on their core mission.



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Malone, Thompson, Summers & Ott, L.L.C.  •  339 Heyward Street Suite 200  •  Columbia, SC 29201
Tel: 803-254-3300  •  Fax: 803-254-0309

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